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7 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online

The field of online education around the world is growing at a rapid pace. The pandemic has played a big role in this. Sitting at home on self-isolation, we appreciated this way of gaining new knowledge, and also made sure that this format is no worse than the traditional one. It is convenient, interesting and much more profitable in terms of money. In addition, the situation in the world has shown that some specialties were not in demand during the lockdown.

Many people lost their jobs and thought about changing their profession. And it was online learning that opened up the opportunity for us to enter a new field of activity. There are a lot of offers on the online education market now, and making the right choice is not at all easy. The aggregator helps you choose the best courses. This service, created by Denis Smirnov, compares various offers, analyzes reviews and, based on this data, grades an online school.

With its help, we have selected 7 highly paid professions that can be mastered online.

1. Targetologist
7 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online
A targetologist is a specialist who sets up advertising on social networks. He analyzes user requests, composes advertisements, determines the target audience, evaluates the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

This specialty is suitable for people who have an analytical mindset, like to scrupulously understand the details, and have good perseverance. The targetologist can work both in a team and alone.

The average salary of a targetologist is about 50-60 thousand rubles, but no one bothers to conduct several projects.

2. Contextologist
The contextologist is also engaged in setting up advertising, but not in social networks, but in search engines. In order to create competent advertising campaigns, a contextologist must be able to use analytics programs and understand the principles of SEO optimization. And also have a certain amount of creativity to come up with a catchy ad.

Contextologists on average receive about 50-80 thousand rubles, and can also take on several projects.

3. Programmer
7 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online
No matter what anyone says, but programmers are always in demand. Skeptics who believe that artificial intelligence will soon do everything for people do not take into account the fact that it itself still needs to be programmed. And it is impossible to do this without a person, so programmers will be in demand for a very long time.

In addition, no sphere of life is now complete without software, which is constantly in need of modernization.

The programmer’s earnings strongly depend on his qualifications, you can focus on the range of 100-300 thousand rubles.

4. 3D designer
The job of a 3D designer is to create three-dimensional models of objects and spaces. This is often required for interior design projects or the development of the exterior of a new product. This work is suitable for those who have well-developed spatial thinking. Such a skill can be developed, but it is easier to master a specialty if there is a predisposition.

A 3D designer can claim an average salary of about 50,000 rubles, but cooperation with payment for each project is also possible.

5. SMM specialist
7 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online
Social networks are now very developed. They have become an important segment of the global market for goods and services. And all this has led to the fact that companies and individuals seek to promote their accounts in social networks in different ways. This is done by SMM specialists. Their responsibilities include developing a strategy to promote the customer’s account, drawing up a content plan, designing publications, and much more.

Specialists in the field of SMM earn in different ways: you can maintain an Instagram account for 25-40 thousand rubles, or you can take several similar clients.

6. SEO Specialist
In order for the site to bring customers, it is not enough just to create it. It is necessary to take a number of measures to promote it in search engines, each of which has its own algorithm, which changes from time to time. An SEO specialist helps to adapt websites to the requirements of search engines so that they give them out as close as possible to the first positions. His responsibilities include collecting the semantic core, internal and external website optimization.

SEO specialists are highly valued. Their salary can be in the range of 60-150 thousand rubles.

7. Tester
7 Highly Paying Jobs You Can Learn Online
This profession is very close to the job of a programmer. Only the tester is not engaged in the development of new programs, but in bringing to mind the already created ones. It is he who checks the product for errors and inconvenient functions. This work is very meticulous. It is not suitable for those who find it difficult to concentrate for a long time. It will be necessary to analyze a lot, to understand the problems for a long time and look for the reasons for their appearance, to work according to a clear algorithm.

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