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Accounting in an online store: 7 cases and life hacks

When an online store grows, the number of orders increases, and the staff expands, keeping records and documentation in online spreadsheets or, moreover, in Excel is no longer just inconvenient. You lose time, you are not immune from mistakes, and if some employee presses something and everything disappears, get ready to spend several hours manually counting the goods and updating the information.

InSales told us how to keep records in an online store so as not to think about losses and failures.

1. We connect the online store to the inventory system
Accounting in an online store, cases and life hacks
Inventory systems help process orders and control the availability of goods in several places at once – in warehouses, at the point of issue and at the point of retail sales. Let’s see how it works using the EKAM system as an example. To connect it to the online trading platform, you need to install the EKAM.Accounting application and synchronize it with the online store.

Go to your personal account and set everything up as you like. Data exchange can take from five minutes to one and a half hours, depending on the number of goods. The interface of the inventory system will display products created in the online store, photos and cards with descriptions, as well as data on their quantity.

2. We carry out an inventory in the system
An inventory, or in simple words, a recount of goods, is needed to find out the actual number of goods in stock. Inventory should be carried out periodically to take into account losses, unforeseen factors, possible theft and other cases. In the future, this information will be sent to the site.

When creating an inventory, you can select goods from the list existing in the system (if you have entered them there before). And if they are not there yet, in EKAM you can immediately create a new product without any problems. Then we indicate its quantity and, based on the data received, we make additional documents: write-off or capitalization (or both).

As a result of the inventory, 2 situations may arise when it is necessary to write off goods:

1) Lack. If the shortage fits into the norms of natural loss, then it refers to production costs (sales costs). And if it is higher than the norm, then it must be recovered from the perpetrators. If the rate of natural loss is not established, the losses are written off as expenses.

2) Identification of goods unsuitable for use (damaged, obsolete).

Also, during the inventory, a surplus of goods may be found – in this case, you can issue an act of posting the surplus. The fact that surpluses were revealed during the inventory testifies to earlier mistakes in accounting. For example, in the case of an online store, if the goods were received from the supplier according to the invoice, but were not credited according to all the rules.

3. Create a new warehouse and move goods
If the goods are stored in different warehouses, you need to create a new warehouse in the inventory system. Then we move part of the goods from the main warehouse to the additional one. Now you can control the total quantity of goods at any time and send couriers to ship them to customers in a timely manner.

4. We work with payments for orders from an online store
Accounting in an online store, cases and life hacks
When the inventory system is connected and synchronized with the online store, all orders will automatically be uploaded to it. For orders, the system provides a special section where you can see the status of each order: when it arrived, paid or not.

When buying through the online store, there are two ways to prepay: 100% or partial.

To enter prepayment data, you need to enter the order in the system and create a related document, for example, a card payment. After that, the total cost of the order will be pulled up. The system will calculate the remaining amount for payment automatically. When the customer pays the balance upon receipt of the goods in cash, a receipt note must be created in the order. After that, the status of the order automatically changes to “Paid”.

Unlike order processing in a regular online store, in EKAM you see absolutely all financial transactions for each order. Namely: how much money the client paid for the order, in what way, if it was a partial prepayment, then how much money he still had to pay.

5. We work with wholesale clients: issue invoices, generate invoices and closing documents
If everything is clear with retail clients, then what about wholesalers, who most often pay according to the issued current account? In commodity accounting systems, this process is accompanied by all the necessary documents: invoices, waybills, acts.

In EKAM, you can issue invoices, generate invoices and closing documents for wholesalers in automatic mode.

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