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How much does a marketplace manager earn, and why this profession will be relevant for a long time

Our lives are getting better every year. About 20 years ago it was considered normal to buy clothes in the market and measure jeans in the cold on a cardboard. Now only a few are engaged in such extreme sports, because you can safely order any thing, try it on in warmth and comfort, and if it doesn’t fit, issue a return.

We quickly appreciated the convenience of marketplaces: here you can find everything, and at a price lower than in the store. But in order for a business to enter this trading platform, it needs employees who would be involved in all the organizational work. And there are such specialists. They are called “marketplace managers”. What they do, what level of salaries they have, and where you can study for this specialty – we will tell in this article.

Why is there such a demand for marketplace managers now?
how much does a marketplace manager earn
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Experts consider the niche occupied by marketplaces to be very promising. In 2020 alone, their turnover doubled, and the results of 2021 based on the results of previous quarters are also predicted to be very high.

Convenience, the ability to find everything in one place, lower prices compared to retail stores – all this was appreciated by buyers very quickly. And the pandemic played into the hands of the marketplaces, which forced people to self-isolate and limit shopping.

With the introduction of mandatory QR codes in shopping centers, marketplaces have acquired another category of buyers who are not vaccinated and do not plan to do so.

Business also appreciated the benefits of cooperation with marketplaces. This is an easy start for going online – you do not need to create your own website, order advertising, think over the system of delivery, payment and return of goods.

how much does a marketplace manager earn
The growth of interest in marketplaces has led to the fact that there is a great demand for specialists who can organize the smooth operation of the store. This is done by marketplace managers.

This profession is new, so the demand is high, and there are few offers. Competition in the labor market is low, and businesses are willing to pay good money to professionals. Therefore, mastering the profession of “marketplace manager” is a good idea for those who would like to change their specialty and be in demand on the labor market for a long time to come.

What are the responsibilities of a marketplace manager?
how much does a marketplace manager earn
The marketplace manager organizes and accompanies all the processes that take place on these trading platforms. The list of his duties depends on the employer. Here is a sample list of tasks:

registering a company on the marketplace;
development of a development strategy on marketplaces;
competitor analysis;
registration of product cards;
sales analytics;
work with providers;
document management and reporting;
control over the timeliness of deliveries and delivery to customers;
work with customer reviews and questions;
interaction with copywriters and photographers;
work on product promotion, including SEO-optimization.
Some employers share responsibilities among several managers. Most often, this is done by large stores that have a lot of commodity items.

You can get to know the profession better at the free master class “How to become a marketplace manager in 1 month”. Here you will learn what this specialty is, learn how to properly draw up product cards so that buyers see them and want to put them in the basket. Learn ways to control inventory and inventory turnover to help drive sales. And a lot more useful information.

Sign up for a free master class

How much do marketplace managers earn?
how much does a marketplace manager earn
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An analysis of vacancies posted on the Internet showed that the salary of marketplace managers can be very different – from 30 to 150 thousand rubles, depending on the size of the project, the number of duties and experience, and the work schedule. The salary of leading specialists is from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

The terms of remuneration also vary – some employers pay only a salary, others adhere to the “salary + interest” scheme.

How to choose courses?
how much does a marketplace manager earn
Demand creates supply, so now there are many courses where you can master the profession of a marketplace manager. Just do not sign up for the first available or the cheapest options. You risk getting a poor-quality education, after which you will not be able to successfully work in this specialty.

When choosing courses, you should pay attention to the following points:

Having practice. Naked theory – money down the drain. Always look for options where you will practice a lot.
Duration of training. Agree, studying for a year is too long. You can master this profession much faster.

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