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The formula for an ideal office: 5 main aspects

A comfortable modern office is a big expense for an employer, but it’s not a waste. The office is the face of the company. This factor helps to retain the best employees and attract the best talent. According to research, more than 70% of job seekers pay attention to the appearance of the office when choosing a new employer.

With remote work becoming more and more popular these days, many employers are renovating their offices to encourage employees to work from home rather than from home. After all, it is with live communication that employees effectively exchange knowledge, and this has a positive effect on the results of the company.

Business partners also pay attention to the state of the office. A dim room with shabby furniture is unlikely to motivate to conclude contracts with a pleasant number of zeros.

Here are 5 key points to consider when furnishing an office.

1. Absence of extraneous sounds and noise
The Ideal Office Formula
Not everyone likes office noise. Especially if you need to calmly work on a task in silence, and a colleague at the next table is stormily and loudly negotiating. This problem is especially typical for fashionable open spaces, in which there are either no partitions at all, or they are purely decorative.

If the renovation of the office has not yet been completed, it is worth paying increased attention to the issue of soundproofing. It is worth abandoning the principles of open space and equipping, if not offices, then at least quiet areas for concentrated work and negotiation meetings for meetings with clients. At the same time, partitions should reach not only the false ceiling, but also the main one. Finishing materials are also better to choose with a sound-absorbing effect.

If the office is already built, but there are soundproofing errors, they can be eliminated with acoustic panels and sound-absorbing partition screens.

2. Availability of kitchen and dining room
The Ideal Office Formula
According to modern research, eating together not only brings employees together, but can also prevent burnout. However, few people pay enough attention to the cooking and eating area when planning an office. And a small island with a microwave is clearly not enough.

For large companies, a fully equipped cafeteria with a delicious and varied menu will be an ideal solution. This will increase the loyalty of employees, and a comfortable dining room will also become a place to exchange ideas.

The average business may be limited to a dining room, but it should also be spacious, bright and well-equipped. So that employees can not only warm up lunch, but also cook it. The central element of the space should be a large table, which serves its main function at lunchtime, but can also be used for professional communication over a cup of coffee.

3. Sufficient illumination
The Ideal Office Formula
In one company, employees sit in a dark room that looks more like a basement. In the other – in a bright office. Employees of the second company will certainly show more impressive results.

There are several basic rules regarding lighting.

The distance from windows to workplaces should not exceed 6 meters. The window opening should be located on the left for right-handers and on the right for left-handers.
If there is no natural light in the room, then in such a place it is better to organize zones in which employees will spend a limited amount of time.
The spectrum of the glow of the lamps affects the efficiency and concentration. Employees work more purposefully with cool, bluish and white hues. In the case of warm lighting, attention and critical thinking are reduced.
For recreation areas, kitchens and tables, it is better to purchase lamps with yellowish lamai, a color temperature of about 2-3 thousand degrees Kelvin.
The final illumination depends not only on the lamps, but also on the environment. White and glossy surfaces make the light more saturated. A dark finish “eats” the brightness.
The lighting level of the entire office should be 300 lux or more.
It is worth adhering to the principle of a variety of lighting scenarios. In addition to ceiling lamps, use table and pendant lamps. In total, general overhead light, local (for example, above the workplace), as well as light decor will be used.
The Ideal Office Formula
Often, LED products are used to equip general overhead lighting. They do not overload the electrical network, are characterized by low energy consumption and have high fire safety rates. The service life of a modern LED lamp is up to 100,000 hours, or more than 11 years of continuous operation.

The SpetsLampy store works with manufacturers of high-quality and energy-efficient LED lamps from Russia and Europe. The assortment here is monitored with great care. There are no cheap Chinese models in the store, only modern equipment of European quality level: ceiling lamps, LED spotlights, park poles and much more.

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