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Advertising methods of business promotion

Advertising is the engine of trade. This statement has long been beyond doubt. The rule works almost 100%, applies to the promotion of almost all goods and services on the market. Of course, there are always exceptions, but it is safe to say that advertising methods of business promotion are the most effective. Some of them are practically free, others require material investments. Consider the main types of advertising that will help you make your company’s products or services more popular.

Without investments: the main advertising methods for promoting a business for free

The idea that good advertising cannot be free is wrong. Of course, for successful promotion of a business, promotion of products among consumers, only free advertising methods for promoting a product may not be enough. However, you should not completely discount them, especially since you do not have to pay for it.

What is this about? First of all, about such a form of free advertising as rumors. Yes, yes, word of mouth has not yet been canceled, and its effectiveness has been confirmed for decades. The dissemination of information in this case operates on the principle of an avalanche. For example, you told several of your friends about the advantages of a particular product, they did the same. Within a few hours, the number of knowledgeable people will grow exponentially.

Advertising methods of business promotion

This free advertising method works best to promote products. Greater efficiency can be achieved if the rumor about the proposal comes from a well-known person. And for this it is not necessary to pay for a review. You can limit yourself to a special offer for a status client in exchange for sharing information about a product or service.

Another option for an advertising method for promoting a business without investment is visiting forums. You just need to find a platform where your target audience rotates and mention the company’s offer. Whether it is a product or a service, the reaction will not be long in coming.

Advertising methods of business promotion

Advertising methods for promoting a business for money

If you are ready to invest in a marketing campaign, then there are a lot of opportunities to promote the brand, as well as the products manufactured under it. Conventionally, all advertising methods of business promotion that require material investments can be divided into two large groups:

offline solutions;
online opportunities.

In the first case, we are talking about the good old advertising that each of us faces every day. These can be beautiful catchy posters on street structures, modern screens located in trading floors, advertisements in transport, standard videos on TV and recordings that sound on the radio. Lots of options.

The choice of one or another type of advertising depends on various factors. The determining factor in this case is the specifics of the product that is being promoted. So, the best way to convey information about services to potential customers is by showing a video or launching audio clips. If we are talking about advertising methods for promoting goods, it is better to influence visually – through posters, leaflets, posters, records on TV.

Along with offline advertising, you need to use online opportunities. In this case, the greatest role for business promotion is played by:

social media;
email marketing.

Company website as a basis for business advertising

A mandatory advertising method for promoting a business on the Internet is the company’s website. In order for it to become a convenient platform for sales, it will be necessary to bring it into the proper form through serious transformations. Usability assessment, preparation of interesting and useful content, internal and external optimization – this is not a complete list of activities to be carried out before the site works for you as an effective marketing tool.

The main items of expenditure in the process of applying such an advertising method for promoting goods and services will be:

setting up and launching contextual advertising;
SEO optimization;

It will not be possible to promote the site without investments, because in order to successfully achieve the goal, it is necessary to attract experienced specialists.
Social networks – an advertising method of business promotion

Social networks are very popular. They are regularly visited by a huge number of users, among whom there are probably representatives of your target audience. Determine which of the popular social networks is the most attractive to your customers, and start working on it.

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