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How renting a diesel generator will help keep work going even in times of crisis

Diesel generators are used in a huge number of facilities, and in some places they simply have to be installed according to the regulations. And all because the availability of electricity and its uninterrupted supply are important parameters for the functioning of many socially significant, public and private enterprises. Diesel generators are needed on construction sites, in the development of oil and gas fields and the construction of pipelines, in agriculture, food industry enterprises, as well as for rescue and emergency work. They are used at airports, train stations, hospitals and banks, in private homes and settlements that are not connected to power lines.

Why is it better to rent a generator than to buy one?
diesel generator rental
Photo: AtlasEnergy
Buying a diesel generator is not a cheap pleasure, and in most cases such costs do not justify themselves. Renting diesel generators is a common practice and a convenient way to provide the facility with the necessary power.

Why is it better to rent? We asked Dmitry Volchanovsky, commercial director of AtlasEnergy LLC:

– When renting a diesel power plant, you do not need to monitor the technical condition of the equipment, this will be done for you by the operator provided by the company. The service department of the lessor will take care of scheduled maintenance, the fuel for the station will always be of the best quality – the owners of the equipment are not interested in pouring low-quality fuel into their equipment. In the event that you no longer need to operate an autonomous generator, you will not have to think about where to store the equipment or how to sell it (if its operating time is large enough, this will be extremely difficult to do).

How to choose a diesel generator? What are the most important aspects to pay attention to?
diesel generator rental
Photo: AtlasEnergy
Here is a checklist of the main parameters to check from AtlasEnergy:

1. Decide on the power

First of all, you need to choose the right power. It is not enough just to calculate the rated voltage of the connected equipment; it is necessary to calculate the starting currents. If this is not done, then the power may simply not be enough. To put it very bluntly, with a required power of 50 kW, you need a 70 kW generator.

2. Check the warranty

When buying a diesel generator, carefully study the warranty, in particular, the warranty period can vary greatly from supplier to supplier.

If we talk about rent, then the guarantee of the uninterrupted operation of the equipment will be an agreement with the lessor. As a rule, the contract prescribes the prompt provision of a replacement station in case it is impossible to repair the rented one.

3. Choose the best service

Important points when buying are the availability of spare parts, the cost of maintenance (for scheduled maintenance, you will have to change filters, oils, etc.), the availability of service centers and the availability of specialists who can repair the equipment.

When renting: all maintenance work is undertaken by the lessor.

4. Don’t Overpay Unnecessarily

Undoubtedly, price is an important factor when choosing a generator. Here it is important to understand for what purpose you are buying a generator. If for emergency use for short turns, then here you can save money and consider diesel generators from Chinese manufacturers. If you plan to use DES as the main source of power, operating 24/7, then you will need a more reliable European-made generator – and here the price, of course, will be higher.

When renting a generator on a turnkey basis, that is, with an operator and lessor’s fuel, it turns out to be more profitable than in the dry lease option.

Generator rental in St. Petersburg and regions
diesel generator rental in st. petersburg
Photo: AtlasEnergy
AtlasEnergy LLC specializes in the rental and supply of diesel generators. The company’s activities were mainly focused on St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, but due to the large number of applications from companies and individuals, it was decided to expand the territory for renting special equipment to the entire North-Western Federal District.

Today, diesel generators of AtlasEnergy LLC are supplied not only to the Leningrad Region, Petrozavodsk or Veliky Novgorod, but also throughout the Northwestern Federal District.

Every year more and more applications for diesel generator rental come from the regions.

“There are not enough companies in the regions that offer this type of service, and maintaining a fleet of serviceable equipment, as well as a qualified service department is not cheap,” says Dmitry Volchanovsky, commercial director of AtlasEnergy LLC.

Despite the development of power systems, there are still difficulties with the uninterrupted supply of electricity – and if they are not, many sites have regulations for the placement of several alternative energy sources.

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