How to quickly learn business English? 5 tips from a business English coach
We often fall under the delusion that if you just learn English, then you can use it in all situations. On a tourist trip, in informal communication and, of course,…

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How to quickly learn business English? 5 tips from a business English coach
We often fall under the delusion that if you just learn English, then you can use it in all situations. On a tourist trip, in informal communication and, of course,…

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How to increase sales

1. Launch the New Year’s tariff or the “Gift with Purchase…” promotion
Whatever your company does, you can always create a favorable rate and come up with an unusual gift for regular customers.

Gift to the main product. If your company installs windows, you can give bright garlands; if it sells doors, you can give Christmas wreaths. The main thing is that the gift fits the meaning. For example, for the purchase of a down jacket, it is more appropriate to offer a stylized scarf  hat than a kilogram of tangerines.

Tariff “New Year”. For example, a public speaking school may offer a New Year’s Party Soul course, an amusement store a selection of board games for children and adults.

Something that will come in handy during the winter holidays. For example, on January 1, you may need mineral water (Borjomi successfully plays this topic) and a spacious refrigerator for salads, a little later – winter tires or a large TV for watching TV shows.

Action “In the new year – without old things.” You can combine advertising your company with a good deed. All you need is to inspire the client. For example, if you own a clothing store, offer a discount to those customers who return a model from an old collection. For example, the Eleganzza store accepts an old bag against 25% of the cost of a new one. Subsequently, you can donate these items to an orphanage or a thrift store. In Moscow, these are “Shop of Joy”, “BlagoMarket”, Charity Shop, “Good Things”.

Products with symbols of the new year. If you are unable to formulate a unique offer, give something universal: champagne, confetti, Christmas tree. You can release products with the symbols of the coming year: pillows, sweatshirts, plates, cups, t-shirts. For example, employees of the social project “Naive? Very”, where people with special needs are engaged in creativity, they decided to beat the fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs”. By 2019, they are preparing a calendar depicting fairy-tale characters, where each page is a story. As planned, new heroes appear in history, and events develop differently. Gifts with symbols of the new year team “Naive? Very ”sell by subscription.

2. Get in the holiday spirit
The site will be enough minimal design. Stop at one thing: a holiday hat, a snowman, or Christmas decorations. A bad idea is flying snowflakes and a flashing garland. Restrained design will win customers over, tasteless design will reduce sales. One way to boost sales is to offer holiday packaging. In an offline store, this can be done for free, if you have an online store – for an additional fee.

An original photo session is suitable for advertising goods in social networks. Ditch the glittery tinsel and other holiday trappings that everyone is used to and that won’t evoke new emotions in customers. If you sell furniture, you can put a cute pig in a hat on a sofa or chair. If you provide outsourced accounting services, prepare a photo story where your experts help Santa Claus count gifts and reindeer. Such content will not get lost in social media feeds between posts with Christmas trees and Olivier.

If you have an offline store or a delivery service, dress up employees and couriers in New Year’s costumes. Fairy-tale characters will be filmed and shared on the Internet. Be sure to display a large company logo on the uniform (for example, on a staff, gift bag, kokoshnik). Buyers will be pleased to receive congratulations from the employees of your company.

3. Run a contest on social media
The contest should advertise your brand, promote pages in social networks. On the eve of the New Year, even those who are usually skeptical of them take part in the competitions. They are motivated by a sense of celebration, magic and the need to buy gifts in large quantities – they can be won for free in the competition.

First, define the terms of the competition. For example:

repost of your entry;

publication with a hashtag and tagged friends;

comment under the post;

open voting for the best nominee.

If the audience doesn’t choose a winner, chance should determine it. On VKontakte, it is convenient to do this through the RandomApp application or the RandomPromo website, on Instagram – using Lizaonair or Giveaways. If the participants are numbered, you can use the “Randomous”.

4. Offer a New Year’s discount
Another way to stimulate sales is to offer a customer a discount. Come up with a promotional format to stand out from the competition. For example:

the size of the discount depends on the weather on the day of purchase (for example, with a frost of 15 degrees, the discount will be 15%, if it snows, the price of the product also falls);

the size of the discount depends on the date of purchase (from 1 to 31%);

the size of the discount depends on the number of jokes / proverbs / poems about the New Year that the client remembered at the time of purchase;

Everyone who was born in the year of the Pig / other animal according to the Chinese calendar receives a discount.

If you sell at cost or purchase price, offer discounts on partner products and earn a commission from them.

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